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Faculty of History

Dean of the Faculty:

Leontyeva Tatiana Gennadyevna

Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor

16/31 Trekhsvyatskaya Street, Tver 170100

+7(4822) 34-16-85, +7(4822) 34-16-85



The History Faculty is the center of historical studies in the region. The faculty provides a classical university education through innovative methods and technologies.

A professional historian is a specialist that is in demand at all times. After all, only with a profound knowledge of the past can one confidently look to the future and build one's present with confidence.

History graduates are highly sought after in various fields: secondary and higher education institutions, science and culture institutions, government agencies, business, journalism, politics, advertising and travel agencies etc. And, of course, a broad horizon is open to them in the world of science and research.

As part of the practical training, students of the Faculty of History participate in archeological expeditions and familiarization trips to historical and cultural centers in Russia and in Europe. These include: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Suzdal, Novgorod, Rostov Veliky, Sergiyev Posad, Vienna, Prague, Dresden, Warsaw, Helsinki, Stockholm and Turku.

The main components of The International Bologna System of Education Process are actively implemented within the Faculty. The top students of the Faculty of History receive an exchange education - one semester at a university in Veliko Tarnovo or in Helsinki, Finland, on budgetary basis. On a fee-paying study program, it is possible to receive an exchange education at a university in the USA, France or Germany. Graduates receive a diploma supplement of an international standard on completion (including English language).

Fields of study:

Upon completion of the bachelor's degree, students can continue their education and obtain a Master’s degree within two years.

Master's degree programs:


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