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Host Families:

Living in a host family is also very popular for the students who are searching for a full immersion in the Russian way of life, its culture, traditions. It is also the best way to learn Russian. As a member of the family, the student can take part to the family’s activities and learn more about the Russian culture and traditions. In fact, many students keep being in contact with their host family when they go back home.


Each family is unique. The student can live with a retired person or either with a family who has children. However all the students are offered a separate room in a flat with all conveniences, not far from a transport stop, in half or full board.


Internet can be provided or not, it depends of the host family. Anyway, on the 2nd floor of the student hostel for Foreigners, you will find computers offering access to Internet and printers (room 35). You can ask the teachers to make copies and scans. The computer room is opened till 4 pm from Monday to Friday. For those who have laptops, the great majority of the cafes and librairies in Tver offer a free access to WiFi. On the 2nd floor of the student hostel, you can sit at a piano, read books in Russian, English, Finnish and French, while comfortably sitting on sofas.

Your family can offer you to wash your clothes but you need to pay monthly a fixed sum. It is less expensive to wash your clothes at the student hostel for Foreigners, Zheliabova St.

Laundry facilities are on the ground level of the student hostel for Foreigners. You will find 2 washing machines. You have to pay 40 roubles (1 euro) for 3 kg of clothes to the caretaker on the ground level of the student hostel and buy your own washing powder. Your family can lend you an iron and an iron board.

For those who have chosen the half board accommodation, you will be given space in the fridge and on the shelves to put your things. You can of course use the kitchen to prepare your meals.

Your family might have the possibility to accommodate your relatives going in Russia.


Rent depends on the type of accommodation (half-board or full board) and the host family with whom you will live.

A damage deposit is required, after arriving.

Rent is payable monthly to the International Relations Centre. you can also choose to pay in advance for several months. The International Relations Centre will give you a receipt.

You can ask to move in one of our student hostel if you have problems in your family.


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