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Student accomodation

All participants are offered two types of accommodation: student hostels or host families.

The University has 4 student hostels; two of them are located in the city-centre:

The student hostel for Foreigners Zheliabova Street

This student hostel welcomes those who prefer an independent student life. The flats are provided with all comfort. A friendly and enjoyable atmosphere is created by the students coming from many countries (France, the UK, Finland, China, Germany ...). This melting-pot will enable you to discover other cultures and different ways of living and thinking. Next to the student hostel, you will find a tap stand which gives you a free access to water (only to cook, do not drink it directly).


The other benefit of living in the student hostel for Foreigners is its location in the historical centre of Tver, in the same building of the Russian Department for Foreigners. You will attend your courses of Russian in the 2nd floor of the student hostel. The International Relations Center is located in the neighbouring building of the rectorate.

From the University, its takes 15 min by transport to reach the railway station, the nearest supermarket is a 5 min walk and the bank is just behind the university. The nearest transport stops are 2 min away on foot.


The kitchen is fitted with a fridge/freezer, electric hot plates, an oven and a sink. A cutlery crockery set is furnished as well as tea towels. You can give the latter to the caretaker for washing.

In each bedroom, you will find curtains, one or two single beds, desks, wardrobes, shelves, a TV set and a paper basket. All the flats are lockable.

Bedding (mattress, sheets, pillows and blankets are provided and given to the dry-cleaner's after students leave the flat. Twice a month, you can give sheets and pillowcases for washing to the caretaker. You will be given others already washed and ironed.

Each bathroom consists of a bathtub/shower, a washbasin, a radiator, a mirror and a water-heater. Large towels and towel gloves are not provided, but you will find small towels.

The student hostel has central heating and each bedroom has extra heating. Nevertheless, if you are cold in winter, you can ask the caretaker another blanket.


Laundry facilities are on the ground level. You will find 2 washing machines, 2 irons, 2 ironing boards and 2 Hoovers. To wash your clothes, you have to pay 40 roubles (1 euro) for 3 kg of clothes to the caretaker on the ground level of the student hostel and buy your own washing powder.

When checking in, for your comfort and to leave you time to buy what you need, you will already find in each flat toilet tissues, trash bags, a sponge and soap.

In each flat, you will find a broom, a shovel for dust, a bucket and a mop. Household products are not provided.

You can ask the caretaker to book a taxi and to call emergency numbers.

The student hostel has the WiFi. On the 2nd floor, you will find computers offering access to Internet and printers (room 35). You can ask the teachers to make copies and scans. The computer room is opened till 4 pm from Monday to Friday. For those who have laptops, the great majority of the cafes and librairies in Tver offer a free access to WiFi. On the 2nd floor of the student hostel, you can sit at a piano, read books in Russian, English, Finnish and French, while comfortably sitting on sofas.


When entering the student hostel, every student must show to the caretaker their pass.

Corridors are fitted with CCTV.

If you receive a guest, they have to call you before going to your flat and leave their student card or passport to the caretaker. You are also asked to walk your guest out. After 11 pm, it is forbidden to receive a guest.

Every flat is fitted with fire alarms. When checking in, you will be shown what to do in case of fire and the International Relations Centre will give you the list of emergency numbers. If you lose your keys, you can ask the caretaker a spare key but 1,000 roubles will be withdrawn from your damage deposit.

If a bulb has burned out, if the tap doesn’t work properly or if there is a water leak, please tell the caretaker who will ask a repairer to come for free. You will also find in each flat spare bulbs.

Twice a year, the student hostel is completely treated against cockroaches and bugs.

Rent and damage deposit:

When checking in, you must pay a damage deposit which is refundable when checking out provided the room is vacated in the same condition as it was given.

You will pay your rent to Oksana, the tenant of the student hostel for Foreigners. Her office is located on the 1st floor of the student hostel.

Rent is payable monthly in the beginning of each month, you can also choose to pay in advance for several months. Oksana will give you a receipt. Prices for 2019-2020 academic year.

The price of a room may vary depending on the degree of comfort and joint or separate accommodation. Rent Amount in Rubles. The payment is in rubles, the approximate cost of accommodation is from 3,600 rubles to 7,500 rubles. The price of a room 100 rubles/day and 120 rubles/bed (Student accommodation Center for International Cooperation). The director of the Center for International Cooperation distributes to the rooms according to your wishes, which you can discuss by mail. The student accommodation will provide a heater, refrigerators, kettles and irons.


Important points:

It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the flats and corridors, incense is forbidden too, because it can set off the fire alarms.

Electric kettles are forbidden (cause of most fires in Russia, according to the statistics).

Students are responsible for the cleaning of their flats.

To avoid cockroaches, it is vividly recommended to throw trash bags out every day and keep the flat dry and clean.

It is not recommended to use at the same time the hot plates, the oven, and the hairdryer and to charge your laptop.

When checking out, you will be asked to clean the kitchen, the WC and bathroom.

The student hostel can accommodate your relatives of friends for a short period of time. It costs 300 roubles the night (8 euros). A bed + bedding + a pass are provided.


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