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International Cooperation

Tver State University has links with many universities in Germany, France, the USA, Bulgaria, Finland, etc.

The university offers its students to study abroad and provide courses for foreign students.

In recent years the Annual International Festival of Slavic Scripture and Culture Days has become the university hallmark.

Tver State Universities long-standing partners include the University of Osnabruck and the University of Freiburg (Germany), the University of Montpellier and the University of Clermont-Ferrand (France), the University of Turku and the University of Joensuu (Finland), the University of Ghent (Belgium), the University of Xiamen (China), St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), the University of Glasgow (UK), etc. To see a full list of the partners, follow the given link. Thanks to many years of international cooperation, Tver State University has established educational and cultural ties with these institutions and has increased exchanges in the field of scientific research.

The number of TSU students studying for a semester at the University of Osnabruck at their own expense keeps increasing each year. The university’s involvement in the "East-West" research faculty exchange program jointly financed by DAAD and the University of Osnabruck has facilitated the creation of close-knit research teams in the field of mathematics, geography, chemistry, botany and the publishing of books, articles and other publications.

Since 2000, students coming from different universities in Finland have taken part in inclusive semester courses at the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language. The project is financed by the Ministry of Education of Finland. Since 2005 TSU has been a participant of "FIRST" program (Russia-Finland Student Exchange Program).

A similar program has been conducted with UK universities and the cooperation of the RLUS Company.

The process of TSU integration into the global educational space is also realized through the involvement in different international educational schemes.

Each year, more than 200 students and post-graduate students from foreign universities (including the CIS and the Baltic nations) take a course at Tver State University.

In recent years the university has significantly expanded its cooperation with Oxford-Russia Fund. This project is supervised by the TSU Inter-University Centre for International Cooperation. Annually 120 TSU students are awarded scholarships by the Fund. The university was also given access to the electronic library of the University of Oxford. TSU was among the first 10 partners of the Foundation to gain access to online versions of 500 British titles. The project also envisages TSU Library receiving books on art, languages, history, etc.

The cooperation with the Fulbright Foundation allows TSU to annually host US guest speakers delivering lectures on international affairs, global terrorism, etc.

TSU faculty and students are actively involved in different educational and research programs and projects financed by the European Union, the Ford Foundation, CIMO, the DAAD, the IREX, etc.

Since 1993 TSU has been a regular TEMPUS partner. The university has been involved in 13 TEMPUS projects.


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