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First days in Tver

When you arrive in Tver, you must go at once to the International Relations Centre to meet your coordinator and above all to register (this has to be done within 3 days).

BRING WITH YOU YOUR PASSPORT, MIGRATION CARD AND VISA when you meet your coordinator for the first time.

If you do not go to the International Relations Centre, you will be fined. So do not plan to go on any trip out of Tver.

You must also extend your visa, since the one you already have is only valid for 3 months. Most students have an initial 3-month single-entry visa which is converted into a multi-entry to cover the duration of their course.

You will also have to pay for the rent, a damage deposit and administrative fees (and the mini-bus of the university if you have booked it).

Where to go shopping?

If you live in a student hostel in the city centre, the «Olymp» shopping arcade will be the closest (5 min on foot from the university, in Triorsviatsakaya St). In the shopping arcade, you will find all that you need in the “Perekriostok” supermarket.

You can also go to the «Карусель» hypermarket next to the railway station. It will take you 15 min by transport from the university (tram n°5, 11; any marshrutka that goes to the railway station). There, you will find more products and at cheaper prices than in the «Перекрёсток».

In general, shops in town are open till 10 pm but the «Перекрёсток» supermarket is open 24h/24h.

Where can I change or withdraw money?

In the city centre, you will find many banks that can change your euros into roubles. In general, exchange rates are displayed at the bank’s entrance.

You can also withdraw money with a Visa or Mastercard bank card directly from a bank or from an ATM that you will easily find everywhere.

The way to go to the closest bank from the University (the TransCredit Bank)

When do I have to register and how does it work?

Migration card


If you leave and re-enter the country at any point during your stay, you will have to reregister your visa and new migration card in Tver. To do this, simply take your passport and migration card to the international office on the first working day after you return.

You will also need to register in any city in Russia in which you stay more than 3 days.

Please make the international office in Tver aware of your travel plans in advance.

How to extend my visa?

If you are studying in Tver for more than 3 months, you have to extend your visa. Visa extension requires a month. You have to bring the following documents to the International Relations Center a month and a half before the expiration date of your visa:

Where to find cheap fast food and restaurants?

Click on the link to find above a list of the cafes, fast food and restaurants accessible for students.

Where can I find a library?

In each faculty, you will find small libraries. In the University library , you can borrow course books for a semester or for all the academic year. The library also has a computing room with free access to the Internet.

The Gorky Library has a collection of more than 2,916,315 items! On the last floor of the library, you can take part in free conversation courses in English, German, French, Finnish and Spanish (if there are enough students who are interested). You can also take a course in Church Slavonic language.

The Gorky Library

Where can I find stationery?

The cheapest and closest places to buy stationery from the Zheliabova St are Zheliabova St and Triorsviatskaya St, in the direction of Volga.

Where can I find bookshops?

Where to find a Wi-Fi access?

The great majority of cafes, fast food places and restaurants offer free access to Wi-Fi. The cafe Paralleli in front of the University on Zheliabova St is the closest one. You will also find the cyber-cafe "Crossed" where you can make cheap photocopies. There is also the cafe Cafein located in the Olymp shopping arcade.

Where to spend your free time?

We recommend that you go to the Zvezda cinema which is the largest cineplex in Tver, on the edge of the Volga.

Zvezda Cinema

In the Yuzhni District, you can go bowling, play billiards, in the Slava entertainment centre. The most convenient way to get there is to take the n°5 marshrutka. Moreover, in the city centre many cafes and bars have Russian and American billiard facilities.

Slava Complex

If you want to go to a night club, you will find the Lazourny complex (100 m from the Olymp shopping arcade), the Zebra night club in the city centre, the Zerkalo night club towards the railway station and many others.

Moreover, Tver has several saunas. For the complete list of the saunas click on this link:

Internet websites:


The city of Tver has many museums, including the museum of Daily Life, St. Gorkovo which includes a part dedicated to the traditional life of merchants in the past and another part dedicated to Russian samovars.

There is also the History, Architecture and Literature Museum of Tver, and also an art gallery. Both of them are located on St.Sovietskaya. On the Slavi Square, Museum has different kinds of exhibitions. For the complete list of museums in Tver click on this link:

Internet websites:

What to do in case of disease or emergency?

Before coming to Russia, you should have taken out specific insurance. If during your stay you need to go to hospital, it is simpler to explain your problem to the caretaker of your student hostel and ask them to call emergency services. Their phone number is 03. Never forget to bring with you your insurance documents if you go to hospital.

If you prefer to go to hospital by yourself, the following is a short list of the hospitals in Tver:

With the insurance you have taken out, all the fees for hospital services and the doctor will be entirely covered by your insurance. But, if you go to a private hospital, you will have to pay the hospital fees.

NB: Emergency numbers:

Fire: 01 Police: 02 Ambulance: 03

How to get to the hospitals?

Vita Med, Studenshensky pereulok, d.40

Zdorovje, Ulitsa Bazanova, d.20

You will find many chemists everywhere in the city centre. If you are looking for homeopathic remedies, you will find a large chemist on Avenue of Tver, just before the new bridge:


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