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Checklist-after arrival

You should book your flight in advance to get the best price.

Concerning luggage, each airline company is free to set its own weight limits but generally, you can bring with you only 2 baggage items: a bag up to 20kg in the baggage-hold and a bag up to 12 kg in the cabin. Extra fees can cost up to 15 euro per kg. To avoid baggage fees, take only what is necessary. Sheets and blankets are provided in the student hostels and regularly washed.

You will need warm clothing. The clothing in your own country is enough if you plan to stay till December but, beyond this date, it is better to buy warmer clothes in Russia because they will be of better quality (adapted to the Russian climate). If possible, bring them with you or be prepared to buy them soon after your arrival. A winter coat or boots cost around в‚?100.

A few weeks before your arrival, you can ask your coordinator at the International relations Center of Tver State University to book a taxi that will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your accommodation in Tver. Do not forget to tell the coordinator the date and time of your arrival, the name of the airport and terminal and your flight number. It is important to book a taxi in advance, so that your coordinator in Tver could notify your arrival to the student hostel.

If you want to visit Moscow or other cities before the beginning of your lessons and take time to get to know Tver, you can come to Russia in August. You should simply tell your coordinator about it so that we can book you a room in the student hostel.

Lessons begin in the 1st week of September.


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