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The International relations Centre regularly organises excursions and trips for foreign students. Destinations and prices are indicated in the corridor of the Department of Russian for Foreigners

Some of these excursions will offer you a visit of the city of Tver: the center and surroundings, museums (for instance the museum of the Samovar where you can taste different sorts of tea and Russian specialities). These activities will give you the opportunity to meet other students from many countries. You can, for example, take part in the excursions for the Finnish students (their course includes a cultural programme which is compulsory, such as visiting other faculties).

The International centre will also offer you several weekend trips in other cities such as Staritsa, Novgorod, Vladimir and other cities of the “Golden Ring” famous for their monasteries and historical monuments. You will also be given the chance to visit the two capitals of Russia: Moscow and St Petersburg. All these trips include return transport by bus. The time and place of departure are set by the International centre and stated on the registration form.

However, you can also travel by yourself! It is easy to plan a weekend in Moscow or St Petersburg and you will have more freedom than within a group.


How to go to Moscow?

Moscow is located less than 200 km from Tver, so it is quite easy to go the capital city. The easiest way to go to Moscow is with the elektrichka, a regional train that regularly goes between the two cities. Tickets can be bought at the railway station and cost 350 - 400 RUB (one-way ticket). You can buy a Tver-Moscow ticket the day of your departure from Tver and a Moscow-Tver ticket in Moscow the day you leave Moscow.

Though the cities are not far from each other, it takes 3 hours to go to Moscow. However, it is worth it, as you will see beautiful landscapes, the Russian countryside and in particular the Moscow inland sea.

When you arrive in Moscow (Leningrad Railway Station), you can take the underground and begin a full day of visits.


The first place to go to is Red Square with the famous Saint Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin and GUM. You can see the sights at a discount with a student card (50 roubles for the cathedral, less than 200 roubles for the Kremlin, its churches and The Armoury). Not far from Red Square, you will find the splendid cathedral of Christ the Saviour with free entry to the museum through the basement.

If you like Russian music, opera and ballet, you can buy a ticket to the Bolshoi. Tickets can be easily booked through the Internet.

If you like shopping, you should go to the Arbat Street with its many shops (where you can buy many souvenirs), its cafes (the Starbucks cafe, the Hard Rock Cafe...) and its many restaurants.


We recommend that you look at which will be of great help to find accommodation in the heart of the city or in the Arbat street at the lowest prices. The youth hostel is also a good low-cost option and it is also friendly and comfortable.


How to get to St Petersburg?

St Petersburg is located more than 400 km from Tver. The easiest and most comfortable way to go to St Petersburg is to take the night train. The journey takes about 6 hours.

You can book your ticket in the railway station in Tver (in the main building). You simply have to say the day you want to leave and if you want to travel in «купе» (four to a cabin, two up two down) or in «плацкарт» (open carriages, less luxurious but cheaper. You will need your passport. Do not forget to bring your student card in order to get discount.

Sleeping cars are quite comfortable. Bedding is provided. Do not travel alone in Russia, in particular if you are a girl.

Train tickets can be bought in advance from any station. You can also buy tickets from the new ticket machines located in and around the stations, if you don’t want to queue.

NB: You always need your passport number to buy tickets and your passport to get on the train.


St Petersburg is completely different from Moscow. The city has more parks than in Moscow and vast areas where you can go for a walk along the edge of the Neva. On the Nevsky Prospect, you will find many shops, cafes and restaurants; you can also visit Kazan Cathedral which has original architecture that differs from the other cathedrals and churches in Russia. We highly recommend that you go to the Hermitage which borders the Neva. On the other side, you will see the Peter and Paul Fortress.

If you have time, you should go to the Tsarskoe Selo and visit the Catherine Palace, the Imperial Lyceum (where Pushkin studied) as well as many gardens and parks. It is also easy to get to Peterhof‘s gardens by bus. We recommend going to Peterhof in the summer or early fall to enjoy the fountains.

You can visit the city-centre on foot or by metro. Otherwise you can simply take one of the many buses and marshrutkas.


You can also look at to find accommodation and ask for some information in the International Relations Centre.


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