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Редакционная коллегия серии

Dr. of Sciences, Prof. A.V. Zinoviev (Editor-in-Chief),
Dr. of Sciences, Prof. A.Ya. Ryzhov,
Corresponding Member of RAMS, Dr. of Sciences, Prof. V.M. Baranov,
Dr. of Sciences, Prof. A.N. Pankrushina,
Dr. of Sciences V.I. Nikolaev,
Dr. of Sciences N.P. Aleksandrova,
Dr. of Sciences, Prof. G.P. Lapina,
Dr. of Sciences, Prof. A.A. Notov,
Dr. of Sciences, Docent A.F. Meysurova,
PhD Mark Maltby (United Kingdom),
Candidate of Sciences, Docent I.S. Mytiai (Ukraine),
Candidate of Sciences, Docent L.V. Petukhova,
Dr. of Sciences, Prof. I.I. Makarova,
Candidate of Sciences, Docent A.A. Emelyanova,
Candidate of Sciences, Docent V.V. Ivanovsky (Belarus),
Candidate of Sciences, Docent N.E. Nikolaeva,
Candidate of Sciences, Prof. S.M. Dementyeva (Dean of Biology Faculty),
Candidate of Sciences, Docent S.A. Ivanova (Executive Secretary),
Candidate of Sciences, Docent V.E. Dombrovskaya,
Candidate of Sciences D.I. Ignatiev (Technical Editor)

The journal is being published since 2005. According to the decision the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission (2015) the journal is included in the list of journals, where the scientific results to defend PhD and Doctoral Dissertations can be published.

The journal accepts the articles covering the wide area of biological topics, including “Physiology”, “Physiology of labor”, “Biochemistry”, “Zoology”, “Botany”, “Biodiversity and the Protection of the Nature”, “Interdisciplinary Research” (in the field of biology and biological education). The publications related to the “Jubilees and Dates”, “Obituary” and “Chronicles” are also possible.

The reviewed articles are dedicated to:

  1. Physiology (experimental and applied physiology of men and animals).
  2. Physiology of labor (muscular activity, physical labor, mental labor, health and optimization of the mental labor, age physiology (herontological aspects).
  3. Biochemistry (biochemistry of plants, biochemistry of microorganisms, clinical biochemistry, biochemical ecology).
  4. Zoology (faunistics, vertebrate zoology, entomology, parasitology).
  5. Botany (floristics, bryology, plant morphology, biomorphology, evolutionary morphology of plants).
  6. Biodiversity and the protection of the nature (lichenology, mycology, protected natural areas, biomonitoring).
  7. Interdisciplinary research (general problems of the biology and biological education, physic and chemical methods in biology, ecology and biomonitoring).

The articles are reviewed by the internal and external reviewers in the corresponding fields.

ISSN журнала: 1995-0160.

Published: 4 times a year.

The address of the editorial board of the series:Russia, 170002, Tver, Chaikovskogo prospect, 70, Biological Faculty.

Tel./fax: +7(4822)32-06-80.

E-mail: vestnikbio@gmail.com..

The reviewing process:

  1. The secretary of the journal registers the manuscript and evaluates its correspondence to the journal rules for the authors.
  2. The correspondence to the journal topics is evaluated. Articles, covering other subjects, than declared in the journal, are rejected. Manuscripts, which do not match the journal rules for the authors, are sent for the additional authors’ revision.
  3. The internal (members of the Editorial Board and stuff from the Faculty) and external (specialists from other organizations in the field) are chosen during the meeting of the Editorial Board of the journal.
  4. Electronic or paper versions of the reviewed manuscripts are sent to the authors. The reviewers are held anonymous.
  5. The manuscript is accepted for the publication in case of the positive decision of the reviewers or sent for the second reviewing, if not all the reviewers’ comments have been accepted.

Conditions and procedure of the distribution.

Journal is being distributed among the libraries and scientific organizations through the Book Chamber of the Russian Federation.

The subscription of the journal is possible via regular mail (the subscription index is 80208).

The content of the issues and the full-text versions of the journal can be accessed via Repositories of the Tver State University (see below).

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